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We partner with brands to solve complex problems in our fast-paced consumer world. We’re creative rebels, passionate about helping brands be disruptive because that is how brands cut through the digital noise and develop authentic connections with their audiences.


Solving the most challenging problems for clients is what we thrive on. Our solutions-based approach starts with exploration, from which we develop strategies to grow your brand.


We’re digital experts and employ advanced techniques to ensure brands stand out in today’s always-on world. From design methodology to delivery, our solutions are disruptive and drive bottom line results.


Our team of award-winning designers, art directors and visual strategists, includes experts across multiple industries, producing content that is authentic and drives engagement.


We tell brand stories and create conversations, building authentic connections with audiences. We’re strategic, every piece of content we create has a reason-why and is part of a greater purpose.

With teams in the United States, Argentina and Brazil – we’re well positioned to create disruptive brand stories across the Americas.

Adrian Novello

CEO - Account Director

Adrian founded the Lion Agency nearly two decades ago. His vision was to create a space where everyone would be able to explore creative and innovative ideas through multimedia communication. He opened the first agency in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and he expanded the operations to São Paulo, Brazil and The United States, His team has expertise in marketing and communications through the Americas.

Adrian arrived in the United States in 2013 on a creative talent O-1B visa, granted for his published articles, as well as national and international awards won with Lion Agency.

Keeping up with the fast-paced changes in markets and audiences, Adrian continued to create strategies for clients such as American Express, HBO, Amerant Bank, LAN Airlines, Siemens among others.

Mariano Grosso

Digital Media Specialist

Mariano is a businessman who is eager to explore cutting-edge technologies. At the beginning of his career, he was part of the first Home Banking team at Deutsche Bank, with passage in foreign trade until he joined Lion Agency. He leads The Brazilian branch agency and adds a great value to the exploration and implementation of the latest trends in digital communication.

Restless and persevering, Mariano also leads a Robotic Process Automation company and recently expressed his passion as a chef launching a bakery brand, with a successful on-online sales strategy.

Diego Allami

Director of Creative Content

Diego has more than 20 years of experience in creative strategy and communication, specializing in the development of innovative content in various formats for some of the most prominent brands in CPG, retail, entertainment, fashion, gastronomy, health, telecom, and technology.

He has developed contents and support marketing strategies for Unilever, McDonald’s, Disney, ESPN, Fashion TV, Playboy, Delta Airlines, Chevrolet, Roche, GSK, Bayer and many others. During the pandemic he started Roarrring as an associated partner at Lion Agency USA.

Andrea Cancian

Art Director USA

Graduated in graphic design at UAI university, Andrea always had a passion for design, illustration, photography and the latest design software. Curious by nature, she is not only at the forefront of the latest design trends, but also of programming and motion graphics.

She joined Lion Argentina in 2010 as a graphic designer, quickly stepping up as a leading creative. After taking a break to raise her daughter, she returned even stronger to lead the most important projects of Lion Agency USA.

Ricardo Mauas

Business Strategist

Since 2002 Ricky has connected with sports, media and superstar brands in every way possible. Creator of brands such as TenisLink - dedicated to the purchase of rights of the best tennis players in Latin America - Gustorganics, the first organic restaurant in New York - or Datadistic - an objective information analysis company for the soccer industry around the world.

His creativity and analysis capabilities are limitless! Today at Lion he leads studies on user experience in the communication strategies for our clients.


The Brain of the Agency

Although everyone believes that he is a simple Schnauzer, Fox has the ability to identify creative people by wagging his tail. He was from the first moment of Lion in Argentina and continued the operation in the United States.

It is an important actor when it comes to defining a strategy since it barks when it approves it, lies on its back when it thinks it is not complete and continues to sleep if it thinks it will not be effective for audience segmentation.

Diversity makes us stronger,
more creative and more innovative.

Diversity and inclusion are essential to our culture and are at the core of our values. We offer our teams the tools, training and experiences they need to reach their full potential. We’re convinced that we are all responsible for creating an inclusive environment where no one feels discriminated for any reason, such as age, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion, gender identity and differing abilities.

Join us.

If you are looking for a space where you can exploit all your creative potential and continue learning. Lion is your place.