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Tomato 2.0: Souper Bold.


Chilled soup on the go.

While studying abroad in Spain, one entrepreneur discovered the taste of gazpacho. While growing up, he developed a deep appreciation for healthy eating—something he carried with him through adulthood. It made sense that the creative launched Tio Gazpacho. The fresh vegetable soup is served chilled and it's absolutely delicious. But that’s not all: Tio Gazpacho is also organic; rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants; and both soy- and gluten-free. This same entrepreneur created stunning packaging that emphasized the convenience of his soup in an elegant way.

the brand.

The company CEO was looking for an agency that could bring his brand to the next level—with the goal of bringing on investors. This was where we came in. Our team started working with Tio Gazpacho in 2014, right when people were growing weary of sugar and increasingly turning to organic beverages. We set out to understand this booming market and take advantage of all the opportunity Tio Gazpacho could bring. Enter our “Souper Bold, Served Cold” campaign—no bowl required! The campaign highlighted the flavor and freshness of the delicious soup, as well as its sleek packaging. The sensory detail involved helped stimulate all five senses, which consumers loved.

Remarkable results.

We developed our materials over the course of three years—positioning Tio Gazpacho to compete in both the premium juice market and the fast & fresh food space. We created everything from print and digital ads, to social and web content, and even point-of-sale tools.

Additional communications included investor marketing presentations, packaging and label designs, e-blasts, coupons, sell sheets, and merchandising and booth design. Finally, in early 2016, Tio Gazpacho secured an investment from General Mills. We love the brand and are proud of its growth.