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For credit card companies, banks are one of the most valued partners. In the U.S., bankers can bring financial products directly to the hands of their premium clients—especially in private banking.

For ages, a B2B relationship aimed to achieve a double-whammy: It prioritized clear communication to appeal to the banker, while protecting exclusivity to engage with a premium audience.

Rooted in

Faced with the challenge to showcase our client’s product superiority, we knew the campaign had to convince even the most skeptical account executives that our product was the best on the market. Our approach centered on the concept of loyalty—revealing a dynamic where credit card holders could enjoy truly premium experiences by becoming our client’s brand customers.

A cutting-edge campaign.

The campaign title lent a competitive edge, showcasing the value of earning by “winning with clients.” A clear reminder that bankers need to leverage their existing clients to drive sales, the title “Win with clients” was concise and witty—exactly what we needed to get our audience to engage with through our communication campaign .

A complementary slogan elevated the campaign, offering a play on the old saying “think outside the box.” Since efforts focused on bankers tapping into their existing client rolodex, we pushed them to “Think inside the box” instead: a witty play on words with a colloquial twist that aligned perfectly with our strategy. The slogan also played on the AMEX brand’s blue box logo that bankers know well—encouraging them to think on our client’s brand first when selling solutions.

Due to the success of the initial campaign, two newer editions quickly followed. Meanwhile, the bankers' new acquisitions gave them access to premium experiences—opening the door for them to learn about the company's high-end products. Our agency facilitated this by developing the idea and implementation, including the collateral marketing, digital communications, and the launch and closing events. We even tailored the campaign to each individual bank for a truly custom approach.